Monday, July 28, 2008

Chickadee ~ Commissioned Painting

9" x 12" Oil on Stretched Canvas
Commissioned Painting - The Watercolor Study is in a Previous Post
The client who commisioned this work asked me to do this painting for his wife who "has a soft spot for chickadees". I loved doing this painting as I am a chickadee fan as well. They flit around my feeders, enjoying the seeds, sometimes being chased away by the threatening presence of the blackbird bullies. I have hundreds of photographs I have taken of them and never tire of their charming form. They, along with the titmouse visitors, are among my favorites. My client's wife is having a birthday soon and this will be his gift to her. I must say, I have really enjoyed working with him on this project. He requested a suggested background of the vibrant colors of autumn so I went bold with the colors surrounding this little fellow. The painting will be shipped to its new home this week. I hope the recipient will enjoy the painting as much as I did painting it! Click here to contact me if you would like information on a pricing schedule for a commissioned watercolor or oil painting. It's really quite affordable. For the price of a designer handbag you could own original artwork representing a special person, memory or location.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

914 Porsche - Rain Slick Track

11" x 15" Watercolor/Ink on 300 lb. Paper
Prints Available Here on Ebay

This is the third in a series of Porsche paintings. We are Porsche enthusiasts and have owned a 356B and currently have a 914. This painting illustrates a car going into a curve on a rain-slick track. It was fun figuring out how to make rain spray and mist under the tires and creating the reflections in the wet track. I hope you like it. Contact me for more information about the painting or prints.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


6" x 9" Watercolor & Ink
Don’t you just love chickadees? They even sound cute when they chirp! I always have a couple visiting my feeders and just adore watching them. They make fabulous subjects for my photography too. This is a study for a larger painting I will be doing next week. I hope you like it! Please email me by clicking here for purchase information.

The Globe's Balcony Gallery Opening Night

Doris Glovier
Pocomoke City Drawbridge
18" x 24"

We had a wonderful time at the at the Globe's Delmarva Architecture show opening last evening. It was such fun to view so many familiar buildings and Eastern Shore locations as interpreted by the many exhibiting artists and photographers. We were accompanied by dear friends and after the Globe Opening, we strolled about Berlin attending some of the other galleries that were open for Second Friday. At the Water's Edge Gallery reception, we enjoyed viewing the work of Faith Lord and Pete Cosby. A special treat was our visit with the charming and distinguished Patrick Henry and his lovely wife at their reception at the The Patrick Henry Gallery. Pat has that rare ability to paint in a variety of styles, all equally well. What a delight it was to chat with them. His work is wonderful and they are so hospitable to visitors. If you're ever in the area of Berlin, Maryland on the second Friday of the month, be sure to visit some of the galleries there and enjoy the art of the local artists. It's quite a treat!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Digital Artworks ~ by Doris Glovier

Sushi Tonight at The Globe
8" x 10" - Digital Art

Midday In Pocomoke City
10" x 8" - Digital Art

Bridge House Pocomoke City River Drawbridge

8" x 10" Digital Art

Many of you know that I am an amateur photographer. To combine this passion with art is the greatest! To create this effect, I modify and creatively rework my image in my photo programs (I usually use two programs) using various techniques to create an edgy, contemporary photographic image. I'd love to know what you think. These images are featured in the Globe Theater's Balcony Gallery Eastern Shore Architecture show (see blog entry below). We had dinner there last evening and previewed the show and it's really wonderful. "Sushi Tonight at The Globe" was hanging directly behind the Sushi chef. He seemed to be pleased about this. It made me pretty happy, too. These images (click image to enlarge) represent three of the five digital artworks that I have hanging at the show.

My newest oil painting will also be featured. See the post below for the painting.

Pocomoke City Drawbridge

18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Available at The Globe Theater Balcony Gallery
The Pocomoke River meanders through our town and the dock by this bridge is a favorite spot of mine. There is always a flock of friendly and inquisitive seagulls and various other water birds swimming and flying about, perching on the dock pilings and enjoying the river. I love taking my camera and snapping shots of the beautiful river, bridge, birds and the boats that are docked there. For decades, we have taken full advantage of this wonderful natural resource, taking the boats out to picnic at the parks along the river banks, to hike and to waterski. I was actually baptized as an adult in that river with all of my loved ones and church family around me! The ties that bind me to this beautiful river are very strong.
Recently, the Delmarva Discovery Center which is located on the riverfront, opened and is a wonderful resource of history and information about the river.
I hope you like the painting (click on image for better view) and if you are in the area will check it out the The Globe's Balcony Gallery in Berlin MD. The opening reception of their "Eastern Shore Architecture, Outbuildings and Collectibles" show is this evening at 5:00 PM. I got a preview last night when we stopped in for dinner and the show featuring Eastern Shore (VA, MD & DE) scenes and architecture is fabulous. I have several paintings and for the first time some digital art in the show. I"ll post a few of the those in another post.

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