Friday, July 11, 2008

Digital Artworks ~ by Doris Glovier

Sushi Tonight at The Globe
8" x 10" - Digital Art

Midday In Pocomoke City
10" x 8" - Digital Art

Bridge House Pocomoke City River Drawbridge

8" x 10" Digital Art

Many of you know that I am an amateur photographer. To combine this passion with art is the greatest! To create this effect, I modify and creatively rework my image in my photo programs (I usually use two programs) using various techniques to create an edgy, contemporary photographic image. I'd love to know what you think. These images are featured in the Globe Theater's Balcony Gallery Eastern Shore Architecture show (see blog entry below). We had dinner there last evening and previewed the show and it's really wonderful. "Sushi Tonight at The Globe" was hanging directly behind the Sushi chef. He seemed to be pleased about this. It made me pretty happy, too. These images (click image to enlarge) represent three of the five digital artworks that I have hanging at the show.

My newest oil painting will also be featured. See the post below for the painting.

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Molly Young said...

That's a neat effect, I like it allot.