Sunday, November 9, 2008

Globe Balcony Gallery Show Ends Nov. 23rd

We Had a Wonderful Time at The Globe's Recent Opening

Although my 19 favorite paintings are hanging in my solo show in the Foyer Gallery at The Art Institute & Gallery, I also have some photography and digital artwork currently at the Globe's Balcony Gallery exhibit. It's a fun show because the theme is open so there is a variety of work there. If you get to go, be sure to enjoy a meal there. The food is always so fresh and delicious and the atmosphere is so warm and delightful. Oh...and the Allagash with orange is sure to give you a fresh outlook on life! My husband and I highly recommend it!

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spottedslinky said...

Didn't see the painting on your blog but I wanted to tell you I love your painting "Through the Years." What a great concept, to see ourselves or someone else as she has experienced the same environment over time. As the "older woman," I can definitely identify with getting in the water and looking out at the sea. But I can remember the other times, too. And the composition is great!

Thank you for this wonderful contribution. Also I really like the way you've done your site and your blog. I'm new to FASO and am always looking for ways to improve my design.

If I'm ever in your area I will be sure to look for your work.
Mary Pickett