Friday, January 16, 2009

Productivity for the Working Artist

Do you hate a messy workspace as much as I do? Is it possible to be effective and productive when one must work on top of a heap of documents, sketches, notepads and other items? In my case the art clutter mingles with the office clutter which creates total chaos. So why do we allow this clutter in our lives? Maybe its because we don't prioritize effectively. Okay, so maybe procrastination is also involved. The sketch above says it all. I doodled in my sketchbook last evening as I listened to The Road to Peak Productivity, by productivity expert, Leslie Shreve, presented by Alyson Stanfield ( ). The teleseminar, now available as an audio program, offered innovative tips on increasing productivity through creating an effective organizational system. It provided much room for thought. Here's my plan. I will be creating a system to keep the "to do" stacks from forming on my art table and office desk. Since I have two work flow centers in my studio, I've brought in a two drawer file cabinet to house items related to artwork and items that are office related. A "current" file will be in the front of each drawer for items related to today's tasks. Items remaining in the file by day's end is high priority the following day. I will examine and handle each item and file or trash it on a daily basis. I know that I am not alone in striving to be more productive so I will let you know my progress as I complete the program I have laid out for myself. Oh yes...this is only the first step!

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