Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frosty River Dock

11"x 14" Watercolor on 300lb Paper
Those of you who subscribe to my blog know that one of my favorite haunts for paintings and photography is the dock at the end of my road. I enjoyed doing this analogous painting and feel that the scene was perfect for this particular painting. It is the same peaceful view that I have used in the past to create a digital artwork. Most paintings are available for sale. Please email me for information.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Three Pears Still Life

11"x 15" Watercolor on 300lb Cold Press Paper
This painting is an example of a simple still life. I painted it to use as the project for my Still Life in Watercolor class. We started this week and my students had fun learning how to create the textured background. This week we talked about composition and how the rule of thirds and the golden section can help you create a more appealing painting. Check out "Events" at the Delmarva Discovery Center website for info about classes: Because the Discovery Center's mission is education, the classes are offered at an unbelievably low price. It's a great opportunity for beginners and experienced painters alike! Click on the image for a more detailed view. Beginners classes are starting in early May!