Monday, July 22, 2013

Winners of Plein Air Easton! 2013

Zufar Biikbov after Plein Air Easton! Quick Draw Competition 2013
It was another great year of art events at the 2013 Plein Air Easton Competition & Art Festival. Held in Easton, MD, it has become the biggest festival of it's kind in the US. Check out the website at

The 2013 Plein Air.Easton! winners are:

Grand Prize $5,000 - Garin Baker, New York, N.Y., for his painting, "A Buck Twenty a Bushel"
2nd Place, $2,000 - Nancy Tankersley, Easton, MD for her painting "Brookletts Morning"
3rd Place, $1,000 - Robert Barber of Bethlehem, Pa., for his painting, "Two Sycamores"
Vanishing Landscape Award $2,500 - Charlie Hunter, Bellows Falls, Vt., for his work, "Bridge"
Best Marine Award, $2,000 - Greg LaRock, Newport Beach, CA., for the painting, "Blocked In"
Best Architectural Award, $1,000 - Tim Kelly, Baltimore, MD for his work, "Old Dover Bridge"
Artists' Choice Award, $500 + free ad in PleinAir Mag: Ken DeWaard, Chicago, IL., - "A Waterman's Life
Historic Preservation Award, $500 - Richard Sneary of Kansas City, Mo., for his painting, "Side Door"
Best New Artist to PAE!, $500 - Mark Lague, Montreal, Quebec - "Late Afternoon on Tilghman"
Best Painting by a Maryland Artist, $500 - Hiu Lai Chong, Gaithersburg, MD for "Take Me Up"
Gail Grafton Memorial Landscape Award, $500 - John Carter of Louisville, KY, for "The Cove"
Carol Hilderbrandt Award of Joy and Exuberance, $500 - Crystal Moll, Balti. , "Essence of St. Michaels"
Honorable Mention, $150 - Larry Moore, Orlando, Fla. for his painting, "Plenty of Work to Do"
Honorable Mention, $150 - Stewart White, Baltimore, MD for his painting, "Paint the Town"

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